Grant qualifications

We founded SmileRescue® to help individuals who are in desperate need of extensive dental work. Our non-profit has a very niche target. So before you call and cancel your next dental appointment, please continue reading to see if you, or someone you know, qualifies for a SmileRescue® grant:

  1. You must require extensive dental work
  2. You must be able to visit a SmileRescue® provider dentist or dental group
  3. You must be a willing participant in the fundraising efforts

Let's take a closer look at these criteria to see if you will qualify for a SmileRescue® grant:

(1) Extensive dental work

SmileRescue® aims to assist individuals in need of complex dental treatment. These are very complex cases that require lots of visits to the dentist. There's a lot that goes into each case besides the actual treatment. We have to create videos, set up fundraisers, approve your treatment, distribute the funds, etc. These things take lots of time and effort. Therefore, our goal is to help a limited number of individuals who need our help the most. This explains why simple dental work does NOT qualify for a SmileRescue® grant. Here are examples of cases that are NOT covered:

  1. Several fillings
  2. Dental cleaning
  3. Wisdom teeth removal
  4. Single tooth treatments such as a crown or a root canal
  5. A single dental implant, or even two implants
  6. Any type of dentures

Now, let's take a look at which cases are likely to qualify for a SmileResuce® grant:

Full mouth extractions and multiple dental implants


You need to have most or all of your teeth removed, but you are too young to wear dentures. These treatments are very difficult and cost tens of thousands of dollars for optimal treatment with dental implants. Be ready to share your story as to how you lost your teeth and what having new teeth will mean to you.

Unhappy denture wearers who want to receive dental implants but can't afford it

If you're already wearing dentures but can't stand them then you may also qualify for a grant that covers dental implants. Be ready to explain why dentures haven't worked out for you so that we can share the story and raise the funds need to fix your mouth with dental implants.

Full mouth rehabilitation: Crowns and root canals on most or all of your teeth


You may have damaged your teeth to the point that they almost all need a crown or a root canal. This is typically the result of heavy grinding or drugs. It can also be due to an accident, genetic issue, etc. Share a heartwarming story to explain why you need to have your mouth fixed and you may qualify.

Full mouth porcelain veneer smile makeover because your smile is frighteningly unappealing

Qualifying-patient-smile-rescue-grantYou may have very dark, stained, and discolored teeth to the point that you don't want to socialize with others. Explain why you need to get cosmetic work done and what caused your teeth to be the way they are.

The cases above are great candidates for a SmileRescue® grant. As you can see, the more work that your mouth requires, the more likely you are to qualify for a SmileRescue® grant. To put it in monetary perspective, if you need $1,000, $2,000, or $3,000 of dental work, you're unlikely to qualify for a SmileRescue® grant. If you need $5,000 or $10,000 of work, you may or may not qualify. However, if you need $15,000+ of dental work then you're very likely to qualify. Of course, we don't simply measure cases in terms of monetary value. However, you must understand that the grant is set up to help those who need serious dental work that cost an arm and a leg. So the more extensive your dental needs, the higher your chances of qualifying.

(2) Access to a SmileRescue® provider

The second thing to consider is your ability to visit a participating SmileResuce® provider dentist. Since we are just launching our non-profit, there are a minimal number of providers out there (currently only one in San Clemente, California with more to be added soon). As we add more providers, we will update the website to include their information. Be sure that you are able to visit a participating provider. Ideally, it would help if you lived within 3 hours' driving distance of a SmileRescue® provider. If your case is more complex, a few additional hours is acceptable. However, if you live 1,000s of miles away from the nearest provider, then the chances of your case being accepted are slim to none. Of course, you're always welcome to email us and get waitlisted until we find a provider in your region. As soon as we find a provider near you, we will inform you and invite you for an interview.

(3) Actively articipate in your fundraiser

The keys to a successful fundraiser are videos, X-rays, and before and after photos of your treatment. Unfortunately, if you're looking for privacy, then we can't help you. We need to create an emotional bond with viewers in order to create a successful fundraising campaign. This requires documenting your journey from beginning to end. Our team will do most of the work for you. Still, you must be a willing participant in the fundraising efforts. This means that you must give consent to take pictures and make videos. It takes teamwork to raise the funds we need to treat these complex cases. Help us raise the necessary funds, and we will pay your dentists to fix your mouth!

  1. Make an emotional fundraising video
  2. Share before and after photos of your treatment with prospective donors
  3. Document your journey
  4. Participate in an exit interview to showcase the final results and thank your donors

Ready to get started?

Do you meet the criteria above? Do you have a family or friend who meets these criteria? If so, then fill out the application below to see if you qualify for a SmileRescue grant. Be sure to include a valid email address as all early-stage correspondences are through email: