(Currently under construction)

Thank you for considering a donation to SmileRescue®. We are a 501 (c) (3) public benefit charitable organization. Our organization assists desperate individuals with fixing their teeth the optimal way. Your donated funds go towards fixing the patient's teeth to give them their smile and confidence back. This page is currently under construction since we have just recently launched our organization. However, every penny helps and we are accepting donations. Please send an email to info@smilerescue.com to see how you can make a donation to SmileRescue@. You can also mail a check to the address below. If you want to support a specific charitable case, be sure to indicate the patient's name on the check itself. If you'd like to make a general contribution to our non-profit, there is no need to include a patient's name and your funds will be used for the next case in line.



PO BOX 255

San Clemente, CA 92674


Please make all checks payable to "SmileRescue".