What is SmileRescue®?

We are a non-profit 501 (c) (3) created to help those in need of extensive dental work. Continue reading to see how you, or someone you know, can qualify to receive charitable dental treatment through our organization:


Our non-profit aims to assist those in desperate need of extensive dental work. As such, routine dental care does not qualify. Neither do simple fillings, individual crowns, single root canals, wisdom removal, or braces. Our goal is to help patients who need their entire mouth fixed. This includes full mouth dental implants, complete oral reconstruction, all-on-four dental implants, and full porcelain veneer smile makeover. The more complex your case, the better your chances of qualifying for a SmileRescue grant!


In order to receive charitable dental treatment, you must go to a participating SmileRescue dental provider. Since we launched our organization recently, we have a very limited number of dental providers. Be sure that you are able to go back and forth to one of these providers to receive your treatment. We will update this list as we add more dental providers.

NOTE: If you are a dentist who is interested in joining our charitable cause, please send us an email to learn how we work and how we compensate participating providers.


Most treatments that qualify end up costing several tens-of-thousands of dollars. We must raise this money through our fundraising efforts to fund your treatment. In order for the fundraiser to succeed, we must document your journey. This includes interviews, videos, photos, and a GoFundMe to raise the necessary funds for your dental treatment, You must be comfortable and a willing participant to share your story with others in order to qualify for a SmileRescue grant. If you are seeking privacy, we can not assist you as we will be unable to create a successful fundraises on your behalf.

SmileRescue® is a non-profit organization that helps patients in desperate need of extensive dental work. Here’s what makes us different from other non-profit organizations:

  • Selective – We are very selective when it comes to who we choose to help. Our goal is to help a limited number of individuals who need extensive dental work. Our target is to help individuals who need full mouth rehabilitation with crowns and veneers, or those who need a handful of dental implants to replace most or all of their missing teeth. We also love helping denture-wearing patients who can not tolerate their dentures and require dental implants.
  • Optimal Dental Treatment – You will receive the best treatment through our organization. We do not offer dentures, instead, we offer dental implants and all-on-4 teeth. We do not do bonding and fillings, instead, we use porcelain veneers and ceramic crowns to permanently fix your problem. Your dentist will create the most amazing and ideal treatment plan to restore your mouth using the best that dentistry has to offer.
  • Limited Dentist Participation – You can only seek treatment with a dentist who participates in our charitable program. We are extremely selective with our dentists. We only choose dentists with years of experience who have a great reputation. The dentist needs to be well-versed in cosmetic and/or implant dentistry in order to help you achieve the smile of your dreams. Additionally, we monitor your treatment every step of the way to make sure progress is on track. Due to our strict requirements, there aren’t that many dentists that qualify to work with our organization. Therefore, be sure that you are able to travel back and forth to a SmileRescue® provider before applying to our program.

How do I apply?

Getting started is actually pretty easy. Here are the steps involved in applying for a SmileRescue® grant to fix your smile:


If you think your case may qualify, then we encourage you to apply for a fundraiser. Explain what your mouth has been through, and why you need SmileRescue's help. The more touching your story, the better your chances of qualifying for treatment. Click here to learn more about what it takes to qualify for a fundraiser, or to submit a request.


We review your request to see if you're a good candidate. Typically, we will reach out to you within a few weeks to let you know if your case qualifies or not. If it does, you will be invited for an online interview. Afterward, we will schedule a complimentary consultation with a nearby provider dentist. Go to the provider's office and become a new patient. The dentist will examine your X-rays and preview your treatment to verify that you are a good candidate for SmileRescue® treatment.


If your case qualifies, we will begin your fundraising right away. This includes photos of your teeth and smile to create a fundraising page. We also conduct a 30-minute(ish) interview as part of our fundraiser. Again, be sure that you're comfortable sharing your smile and story with others. We post the photos, story, and videos online as part of your fundraiser. This includes YouTube videos, GoFundMe account, web pages, etc.


You can begin your treatment as soon as you meet your fundraiser's goal. The entire treatment will be covered by the grant and you won't have to pay a dime out of pocket (unless your campaign falls short and you decide to make a personal contribution towards your own fundraiser). There are no additional upgrades as your SmileRescue® treatment plan is already the optimal treatment. Schedule your appointment and let's fix that smile!

Think you qualify for a SmileRescue® grant? Learn if you're a good candidate and apply here:

Does my case qualify?

We aim to help patients with the most complex dental issues. These are difficult to treat cases that are very, very expensive. We don't take shortcuts either and you will receive optimal treatment. Let's review a few sample scenarios:


You partied in your younger days and messed up your smile. You've since straightened out your life, but your smile tells a different story... You have a handful of infected and broken teeth. You need to place crowns to fix the broken teeth, remove the infected ones, add a few dental implants to close the gaps, etc. Not only is your treatment expensive, but most dentists are too fearful to even start your work. Your insurance only covers dentures and you don't want to settle for removable teeth. You apply to SmileRescure® and your application is accepted. Your dentist proposes a comprehensive treatment plan that includes crowns, root canals, tooth extractions, and dental implants to fix your smile the right way. You conduct a passionate interview and share how much you've been suffering and what it means to fix your mouth and fit this last piece of puzzle into place. You reach out to friends and family and the world wide web and meet your fundraisers goals. You will be put under anesthesia and receive optimal dental treatment for free. Over the next year the grant pays your dentist as you fix your smile THE RIGHT WAY, not the CHEAP WAY!


You've been wearing dentures for a few years, but you can not stand them! You're losing weight and need permanent teeth to eat! Unfortunately, you do not have the funds to get dental implants and need help. You submit your case. We conduct an interview and your case is accepted! The doctor recommends dental implants or all-on-four implants. You share your story with the web and tell others about your dental plight, suffering, and how much getting new permanent teeth means to you. We post your video online and create a fundraiser. Your fundraiser earns most of the funds and you and your dentist makes a small contribution to meet the fundraiser's goal. You get your entire mouth fixed with dental implants for free, or for a fraction of what it would've cost otherwise (if you have to make a contribution to complete the fundraiser goal). You now get optimal treatment with dental implants instead of dentures!


You feel that you have an unattractive smile, to the point that it is interfering with your livelihood. Your teeth are discolored, crooked, and plain unattractive. Having such a smile is adversely affecting your life in so many ways:

- You try not to laugh in public
- You avoid smiling in photos
- You minimize socializing because you're too embarrassed of your teeth

Getting a new smile will completely transform your life. Unfortunately, treatment costs tens-of-thousands of dollars, which you simply can't afford. You decide to apply to SmileRescue® and we accept your case! Your dentist treatment plans full porcelain veneers and ceramic crowns on 20 of your teeth. You make your fundraiser video and raise the necessary funds. You've met your goal and are ready to receive your veneers and conquer the world with your new smile!

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